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Crow (Squalicorax cf. “kaupi“)

Age – Late Cretaceous; Commonality – Scarce; Size – ~1/2 inch

This Squalicorax species differs because it has some complex serrations (serrated serrations) on the mesial sides of its tooth crowns. The “regular” crow shark teeth have simplex serrations.

Lateral Tooth

Lingual View

Labial View

Profile View of Mesial Side

Profile View of Mesial Carina

Oblique Occlusal View

This Squalicorax tooth is interesting. It looks like a usual lateral tooth of S. “kaupi”, but it has complex serrations (serrated serrations) on the middle of the mesial carina. The serrations of the lower and upper mesial carina and distal carina are normal simplex serrations. The profile view of the mesial carina shows the 6 complex serrations present on the tooth. The oblique occlusal view compares the serrations of the two carinae.

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