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Duckbilled Dinosaur (Hadrosauridae)



Occlusal View

Lateral View

Lateral View

Basal View (Occlusal surface at top)

Basal View (Occlusal surface at bottom)

This is a Hadrosaur tooth with a partial root. Even though Hadrosaurs shed their teeth, finding one with root attached is fairly rare.

Limb Bone Section

This is a partial limb bone section. Dinosaur bone is distinct (typically large sections and dense bone structure) and hard to confuse with anything. Since this dinosaur is by far the most common dinosaur found here, it is safe to assume that almost all dinosaur bones are from Hadrosaurs. This bone also has striations on the inside part (which is part of the outer layer of dense bone). Theropod bones (if complete) would be hollow on the inside.

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