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Crow (Pseudocorax affinis aka Corax affinis)

Age – Late Cretaceous; Commonality – extremely rare; Size – 1/2 inch

This species is very rare in New Jersey and North America (especially in New Jersey) – it is much more common in Europe. Its distinguishing features from the Squalicorax teeth present in the area are a straight mesial edge, a mesial notch, a nutrient groove, larger root lobes, a bilobate root, finer serrations, a deeper distal notch, and a labial overhang of the root by the crown. The genus Pseudocorax is not truly related to Squalicorax; in fact, Pseudocorax translates to “fake crow.”

Anterior Tooth

Lingual View

Labial View

Profile View of Mesial Side

Profile View of Distal Side

This is the only complete tooth of Pseudocorax affinis I have collected from New Jersey so far. Anterior teeth are narrower and are more erect. 

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